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Tricolors of Ireland

Posted by Cynthia, TCJS Designer on 1/20/2017 to Celtic History
Tricolors of Ireland

Tricolors...A powerful color combination of deep green, center of white, and finishing with rich orange. Have you ever wondered what the colors of the flag of Ireland mean? 

The meaning is simple, the history complex. In its purest form the Green represents the Gaelic traditions of Ireland and therefore stands for the Roman Catholics. Orange represents the followers of William of Orange in Ireland and the Protestants. And most importantly and a symbol of hope for a united self-governing Ireland, White symbolizes the aspiration and desire for peace between both.

The Irish Tricolour was flown during the 1916 Easter Rising, and subsequently by the Irish Republic during the Irish War of Independence, which eventually led to the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922. The flag was officially given constitutional status on December 29, 1937