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Thor's Hammer Key Ring

Thor's Hammer Key Ring

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Stainless steel split key ring with 1.75" x 1.5" Thor's Hammer. Overall measurements: 1.5" wide x 2.85" long.

Legend of Thor's Hammer

Thor, son of the high god Odin and the earth goddess Fjorgyn, was the god of thunder, champion of the gods, slayer of frost giants, and protector of lesser humans. He was a headstrong child, too much for his god parents, and was raised by Vingir and Hilora, the spirits of lightening. As the god of thunder he ruled the storms and tempests, and flew through the heavens in his bronze chariot drawn by two horned rams. With his belt of strength and magical red-hot hammer named “Mjollnir” meaning lightening, Thor was a much-feared warrior. 

When the Anglo-Saxons eventually adopted the Roman calendar, they named the fifth day Thursday after Thor.Worn in ancient times as today, Thor’s hammer is a symbol of creative and destructive powers, renewal, protection and strength. 

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